Devereaux Cox is HERE!

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I don’t mean to say “I told you so…” but I did 🙂

Book 2 in Sacked & Tackled is finally out!  I thank Sable Hunter for taking the time to read it give me a little blurb. It really is an EMOTIONAL ride that I hope readers will enjoy so her review totally tickled me.

Also, ‪#‎DevCox‬ is the FIRST of my books that will also be available on B&N, Kobo and iBooks. I wanted to expand my base and while it will be a bit of a challenge, I felt like I really had nothing to lose by opting out of KU.
For now, here are the Amazon links:
UK:  US: Cox, Sacked & Tackled 2 by Palessa is live!

When I get the other links, I’ll share but I am so happy to introduce this story to readers.

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