That Thing Called Love We Think We Know

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Today I misted twice. I like to think of myself as some stoic rock that won’t even mist when I see something worthy of it because…pride…but I lie. I know I do. It’s a little game I play with myself every day and see no stopping in sight.

Anyway, my latest view was this video on Facebook about this couple that starts off with this cranky guy proposing because he was too tired to do the whole long dating thing and when she said yes, he called her the next day to make sure she didn’t change her mind. That is damn cute.

As I watched this video I realized something. We write those love scenes that people like (Well, I try to in any case) and we think that two characters going acrobatic, screaming and sweating and calling out whatever is what love is about. I think it’s a part of it; that part that gets readers grinning and fanning. But this video with the guy and his cranky voice, it was one of those sweet looks at marriage and everlasting love. It’s about the everyday care, the practical bulk of love that we don’t write about, really, because it’s not loaded with the push and pull we want to convey.

We write about the tip (no pun intended)

But watching that video, I heard something that made me stop. I had to go back and listen to it again because it was so…profound.

…that you understand that my love for you up this point was as much as it could be and will be as much as it could be for eternity...” ☜ THIS right here hit me.

What a perfect tribute to the one you love.  

So, take a few minutes and check out this StoryCorps animated narration on Facebook about this real Brooklyn couple. It will be the sweetest few minutes of your life and show that this whole love thing we write about, read and hopefully enjoy, is the tip of the tip.

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