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I. Love. Food.

I am an omnivore who appreciates a good meal and good conversation. There’s a lot of good food out there. As someone who’s received gourmet food gifts, I love the idea of getting quality food delivered to my home from friends and family who know that the way to appease me is to feed me (okay, I’m not totally easy like that but close enough).

I’ve curated some top quality gourmet food porn for you to check out. These would make great gifts for yourself, friends, family, coworkers, whomever. Just looking at some of these pictures, may cause drool-inducing foodie fantasies.

Picture of my puppy Shaggy and Ivy -
This is Shaggy, hanging out with her mom, Ivy. She loves food too.

Buying from any of these stores helps me out as an indie author out so that I can continue to write, blog, and feed my doggies. It turns out they like food too.

So take your time, check out the selection below, share with friends or keep it to yourself. Shaggy thanks you for your support:

Gourmet Meats Specialty Premium Chocolates


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