Gourmet Meats

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Check out these scrumptious gourmet meats. You definitely can’t get these in the grocery store.

Premium Hamburger Patties

Snake River Farms 6-1/3lb premium blended patties. 75/25.
 6-1/3lb premium blended patties. 75/25. Delicious combination of premium NWbeef and American Wagyu – $22.00

Kurobuta Bacon

Snake River Farms: 1.5lbs Thick cut bacon cured and smoked over real hardwood. 1.5lbs Thick cut bacon cured and smoked over real hardwood.


American Wagyu Gourmet Hot Dogs 5 LB

Fully cooked 100% American Kobe beef hotdogs - 5lb package

5lbs – 25 hot dogs No added hormones. Fully cooked. 100% American Kobe beef made with a blend of spices and slowly smoked. $57.00 

Corned Beef Brisket

Snake River Farms wet-aged corned beef brisket
2 lbs Aged Northwest beef hand-cut by a master butcher. Wet-aged 21+ days for improved flavor and texture Price: $43.00


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